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Hey, come closer because I have a secret to tell you…

Posted in Uncategorized by optinlistbuilder on March 25, 2007

I’ve got a secret to tell you..

It’s a secret that no marketing guru would ever want you to find out about.

Just the mere fact that I’m about to reveal it to you here will probably land me in hot water in some marketing circles…but who cares…I think you’re worth it.:-)

Most marketing guru’s… if you can even call them that…

They know that the study of human nature…

The study of mass psychology is one of the ways that they can’t get you to buy their products over and over again.

They know that if you have a problem that goes unsolved then they can tap into your need to find a solution as a way to get you to buy more of their products. The human mind can’t stand having an un-resolved problem.

That’s why the weight loss industry will never go away.

As long as people have unfulfilled needs they will seek out ways to solve them.

Try this…

Ask anyone you know that has tried to loose weight how many different ways they’ve tried to shed the fat.

You”ll have a difficult time finding anyone who says that they’ve tried just one way and that was it.

They will try program after program, machine after machine until the problem is solved.

Ever notice how the guru’s come out with the latest and greatest products since sliced bread that will supposedly solve your problem.

But in reality, when you purchase their product you only get put into they’re product funnel.

Notice how when you make a purchase from them, the product that you bought seems to point out another area that you will soon have a problem in.

And how wonderful of them to then come out with another product that solves that problem as well.

“reel them in Margaret, I think we’ve got a big one on the line”

Why solve your problem completely when I can just give you a quick fix.

That’s how the medical industry bilks you for thousands of dollars every year.

==>Why would they be interested in preventing you from having cancer.

==>Why would they be interested in preventing you from having heart disease.

==>Why would they be interested in preventing you from having type 2 diabetes

There’s no money in the prevention side of things.

And the guru’s know that as well.

So a lot of them never really intend on solving your problems.

That is…

not until they’ve milked you for as much as they could first.

How un-ethical is that?

Listen, I like making money and I like making lots of it.

But if I have to come up with a new products every couple of months just as a way to seperate you from your money then I don’t want that kind of money.


Because I wear a white hat and my friends say that I’m a digital cowboy.

That’s all for now.

Keir Smith


“I’ve just joined a hot new affiliate program, then I advertised it everywhere, and not one sale…How come?

Posted in Uncategorized by optinlistbuilder on March 24, 2007

Did you know that when you become an affiliate of most programs that the url that they give you can actually cause you to loose sales?

That long 15 character url they give you is a dead giveaway that your pushing someone else’s product.

Even a good advertisement sometimes isn’t enough to push the reader from skeptic to purchaser.

If you have your own affiliate program that you’re offering or even if your an affiliate of someone else’s program then put the kids to rest and tell your significant other that you need a little quality time…because what I’m going to show you next can benefit you both.

If you have your own affiliate program than you need to teach your affiliates how to hide their affiliate link that you give them.

Of course that’s one way.

But an even better way that works is to have them sell your affiliate program using their own website.

And that goes for anyone who has their own program or if you’re an affiliate of someone else’s program.

How basic is that?

That’s internet marketing 101.

Or if it isn’t… it darn well should be.

You have to teach your affiliates how to be profitable.

How crazy a thought is it to think that the average joe who’s use to having a boss hover over him and make every important decision for them all of a sudden have to make decisions about marketing a business.

That won’t work.

The average 9-5’er doesn’t have the mind set to become a marketer.

So you have to show them.

Take them by the hand and say, step 1 do this, step 2 do this, step 3 do that.

Think about it.

If you’ve only made 40,000 a year and your good buddy Bob from down the street asked you if you could show how to earn 100,000 a year what would your answer be?

Your answer might be good enough to get him up to 40 grand, but it won’t be enough to kick him up to 100,000.

How come?

Because your mind set was set to earn 40,000 a year. So to double that will take a different mind set from what you currently have.

And working more hours is not the answer either.

There’s only so many hours in a day…plus exchanging labor for money is a loosing proposition.

The people who earn the big money don’t work 16 hour days.

Think “The Donald” works harder than you do?

Think Bill Gates works harder than you do?

Nope..They don’t.

But who’s salary would you rather have, theirs, or yours?

Well I’ve come to a point in this message when my brain has told me it’s better to stop now than to continue rambling on…so like a good little scout I will follow its orders.

But not without leaving you with a tool that you can use to hide your affiliate id’s for the programs you are promoting.

All you have to do is punch in your affiliate link and hit the button…then out pop’s a much shorter link that will contain your affiliate id, but will be less obvious to your readers.

Go here and check it out.

That’s all for now.

Keir Smith

Making The Sell By Becoming The Anti-Salesman

Posted in Uncategorized by optinlistbuilder on March 23, 2007

How much money have you made so far by giving away free information?

Not a lot I’ll bet.

Heck are you even pulling in a grand a month from your efforts?

Why not?

Here’s what I think.

I think that you have been jumping from product after product hoping that one of the products you give away turns out to be a winner.

You’d have better odds playing the lottery.

Here try this.

Give away products that solve a problem for your reader.

But you do that already though right?

And yet you still aren’t making any money.

The problem isn’t really the products that you’re giving away…as much as it is the enviroment that you have created in which you give them away in.

So get with it already.

Pop quiz.

Did you know that Einstein once said that his definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Does that sound familiar?

Seem’s to me that even today, einstein would have been a marketing genius.

Want to know how to make those freebies work for you?

Change the inviroment in which you create for your product giveaways.

Stop trying to sell your readers products and services.

Doesn’t matter how much you might think they need it.

They can sense it when you do that.

Instead educate them.

Create an enviroment that encourages them to learn more.

Create your message and deliver it with personality and that’s it.

The sale will come from your customer.

They will sell themselves on you.

**That’s what Rush Limbaugh does

**That’s what Bill O’Reilly Does

**That’s what Howard Stern Does

And that is the best sale you will ever make.

Don’t believe me?

Re-read this message.

Notice how I’m delivering a message.

But not just any message.

I’m selling you something.

Me…that’s what I’m selling.

I don’t have to push products on you. I’m bigger than that. And you will be too. You don’t need to sell people on your products.

What I do is simple 1,2,3 third grade stuff.

I Expose, Involve, and you upgrade yourself.

Sneaky aren’t I?

That’s all for now.

Keir Smith